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Main Goal Of Organization

Samprat Education & Charitable Trust
Registration No. F - 2652

The main goal of this organization is dedicated to work 24x7 taking care of such handicapped highly serious children whom nobody is ready to accommodate or the children who are disable to do primary daily works like toilet or bathroom.
This institute regularly feeds them, takes care of basic needs of those children who are socially castoff, highly and seriously handicapped.
In this institute, such children are not only taken care of but it looks after their health as well as make all the attempts to keep them mentally happy because they are unable to take care of themselves.
This institute takes no charge for this service neither ever in future will be taken any kind of charge.
Organization aims to help all such people with the cooperation of society and government.
Such people in the society gain a warm will to live life with sublimity and dignity in society is the main goal of this Organization.

Samprat Education & Charitable Trust

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Person with Disability can register in our Trust for realising their own unique abilities in life!

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Put a Smile on the Face of a Child with us. Your support will unwrap brighter futures for disability children.

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Histroy Of Organization

This Organization was established on 8th June 2006 with the goal to help needy people like handicapped, older, widow and orphan children.
The founder of this Organization Mr. Jasabhai Parmar has been successfully working since last six years as supervisor in a Viklang Punarvasan Yojana working under and in an association of Social Justice and Additional Department Gujarat State, Gandhinagar.
He has done remarkable (commendable / admirable) job for handicapped people in small villages of District Junagadh like Vanthali and Maliya Hatina.
He has contributed in a noble service by organizing various camps like helping tools for handicapped, medical certificate camp, scholarship camp, I - Card Camp, Eye Donation Camp, Common Disease Cure Camp, Homeopathy Common Disease Cure Camp, Jan-JagrutiCamp Seminar etc.
Because of his frequent service and contribution for handicapped people, he has been able to investigate the situation, requirements and avoidance society of handicapped people livingacross the villages. As a result of which he established this Organization with an aim to help the society as much as possible and to work by self-decision.

Samprat Education & Charitable Trust

Our Achievement

No. Member Name Occupation NGO Post
1 Parmar Mahendrakumar Jasabhai Service President
2 Parmar Dineshbhai Danabhai Farmer Member
3 Parmar Geetaben Mahendrbhai Housewife Vice President
4 Bagada Devajibhai Palabhai Service Member
5 Vaghela Hansaben Mohanbhai Housewife Member
6 Bagada Lilavantiben Devajibhai Service Member

We are served since 35 years
to Protection and continuous care for those who require it most.

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