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Samprat Education & Charitable Trust of the Handicapped has taken up the formidable task of providing free food, clothing, education, books, shelter, teaching aids etc to a very large number of children with disabilities, such as hearing impaired, visually impaired, mentally retarded, deaf - mute, loco-motor handicapped, cerebral palsied, leprosy affected, children with autism, multiple disabilities etc.

No. Activities Total
1 Survey of total disable category 2218
2 Total disable medical certificate 327
3 Total S.T. pass for the disable children 112
4 The Govt. scheme of Sant surdas 29
5 The tools & adip of any disability 1225
6 The pension of senior citizen total forms 34
7 The disable children for the scholarship schem 112

Samprat Education & Charitable Trust depends on your support to sustain our work with disabled people and their organisations and to develop new programmes. Your support will change someone's life.

  • Although the organization is known as Samprat Education & Charitable Trust, The registration and bank accounts are in the name of Samprat Education & Charitable Trust.

  • All donations in the form of cheque or draft have to be made in FAVOR of "Samprat Education & Charitable Trust"

  • Cheques should be sent to The bank account number: 30506442103 (S.B.I Bank)

Bank Details

Bank Details
Account Name Samprat Education & Charitable Trust
Bank Name State Bank of India
Account Type Current A/c.
Account Number 30506442103
IFSC Code : -
Branch : -

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  • Samprat Education & Charitable Trust

    Opp. NandKishor Nursery
    Bhakt Kavi Narsinh Mehta University Road,  Near Vijapur Patiya,
    At: Dungarpur
    Junagadh 362263
    Gujarat, India.

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    (0285) 2681612
    +91 99132 60883
    +91 99132 36691 ( Mahendra J. Parmar )

We are served since 35 years
to Protection and continuous care for those who require it most.

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