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Service to such children absolutely free of cost

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Protection & Information Center for the handicapped.

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A dwelling institute for the children seriously handicapped.

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Samprat Education & Charitable Trust of the Handicapped has taken up the formidable task of providing free food, clothing, education, shelter, teaching aids etc to a very large number of children with disabilities, such as hearing impaired, mentally retarded, , cerebral palsied, deaf - mute, loco-motor handicapped, leprosy affected, children with autism, multiple disabilities etc.

"Fit Facility Certificate" From The Organization.

  • Samprat Education & Charitable Trust - Junagadh

To achieve the best performance and Cleanliness in the organization, the 'Samprat Education and Charitable Trust- Junagadh' institution was given the "Fit ......


  • Samprat Education & Charitable Trust - Junagadh

Today, on this day the Samprat Education & Charitable Trust Junagadh , MP from Rajeshbhai Chudasama a Grand house built for the disable children. Was inaugurat ......


  • Samprat Education & Charitable Trust - Junagadh

District N.C.D. Sell, Civil Hospital- Junagadh On 09/07/2018 Inaugurated National Mental Health Program In The Samprat Education & Charitable Trust, Under T ......

Samprat Education & Charitable Trust - Junagadh

About Us

Samprat Education & Charitable Trust is registered under Charity Commissioner of Junagadh (Gujarat). The main purpose of the organization keeps highly handicapped children and provide them various types of trainings over there. This organization looks after those children who are fully handicapped and not aware of the things such as doing toilet and washroom. As because the children are fully handicapped the organization looks after providing them their primary needs such drinking water and food. For these any kind of fees are not taken from the children. It was established in the year 2006 with Registration No. F - 2652.
The founder of the trust Shree Mahendrakumar Jasabhai Parmar is well qualified hard working gentleman who still has kept the trust live and active.

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Samprat Education & Charitable Trust - Junagadh